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Who We Are


Wesley United Church was founded in 1958 and is located in a community in south Regina between Albert Street and Wascana Parkway near the University of Regina. Wesley is a part of Wascana Presbytery. Read more about the History of Wesley United Church.

Our Building:

Wesley's church building consists of a multi-purpose auditorium and several meeting/class rooms, three offices and a small chapel. Several outside (non-Wesley) organizations use the church facilities.

Our Congregation:

All ages can be found in our midst, and while Wesley people can be found all along a wide theological spectrum, most of us could be described as mainstream liberal Christians.

Our Key Activities:

One of our key activities is the weekly worship service with a choir leading us in music. Children are included in part of our worship and then attend church school. Baptisms are celebrated throughout the year on an as-needed basis and we celebrate Communion six to seven times a year. The United Church has an open table to which all are welcome. Our average attendance during the main part of the year is around 250 with about 40 children.

Our Council:

Wesley Council, comprised of the Ministers, Council Executive and Division Coordinators, meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Divisions and committees meet at the call of the chairperson. An annual fiscal meeting is held in January or February , and an annual congregational program and nominations meeting is held in May or June.


Our weekly bulletin and our quarterly newsletter, The Wesley Word, help our congregation to be informed of our many active and varied groups. Our church Information and Program Guide is available to help acquaint you with our busy church schedule.


Wesley has one full-time and one three quarter-time ministry positions. Our staff also includes an office coordinator (four days per week)  and part-time caretaker. We have many volunteers who perform a variety of church functions.


Please join us in our goal of performing God's work in the community.