Green Team

Created: April 2012

Wesley Green Team fosters the promotion, celebration and co-ordination of greening efforts of the Wesley community. Greening refers not only to reducing our environmental impact but to educational and spiritual dimensions.

The team is concerned primarily with reducing the ecological footprint of Wesley church (through energy efficiency and environmental measures) but also in our homes and community. Our approach views sustainability as not only a technical and money-saving issue but a spiritual issue, involving faith and values.

First steps:

  • Wesley joined a Canadian network of Green Teams which participate in the Greening Sacred Spaces interfaith program organized by Faith and the Common Good.
  • Completed an inventory of what great initiatives have already occurred.
  • Participating in the belated Earth Day and Paperless Service on June 10, 2012.

Next Steps:

Regarding the Greening of Wesley, many good things have been done and are being done in Wesley: upgrading the lighting, replacing old furnaces with energy efficient furnaces, planning for upgrading windows and for water conservation. We have had educational and worship events dealing with climate change. We have endorsed the Earth Charter at an Annual General Meeting of our congregation. We have a multi-bin composter which provides compost for annual application to Wesley's flower borders. Although we no longer continue our multi-plot native prairie plant garden, we exercise some consideration of environmental practices in maintenance of our lawn. We do not use styrofoam cups for serving coffee. We have several ongoing initiatives which foster recycling of beverage containers, reuse of eye-glasses, etc. Again, a complete list is included in the Greening Wesley - Inventory

We are excited about our green future. If interested in the green team or just in receiving information, please call the office for contacts.

green service tree
Picture of the resulting tree from our paperless service/earth day service June 10, 2012