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Spiritual Path Project

Dear Friends,

As you know, we started a visioning process not that long ago which led to much thinking about the future of our congregation. In the meantime, a unique opportunity has come our way.

We have been contacted by the United Church of Canada to participate in a pilot project that emanates from the Center for Progressive Renewal of our sister church, the United Church of Christ USA. This process has had much success in the United States. We are being asked to enter on a Spiritual Journey with Whitmore Park United Church (WPUC). Both the boards of WPUC and Wesley United Church have agreed to participate in the program. We are hopeful that many of the folks at both Wesley and WPUC will join this three-month adventure beginning in January.

If you choose to participate you will commit to the following:

·         Reading a daily devotional and answering a few questions in a journal. The daily devotional will be emailed to you each morning.

·         Participate in a small group gathering twice a month over the three-month Spiritual Journey. These small group gatherings will be facilitated by members of Wesley, trained by Tracy Murton who will be coaching us through the process.

·         To take part in a spiritual practice of your choosing. This might be something like a Lenten practice. We would only ask that you stretch your spiritual muscles a bit!

One of the more exciting aspects of this Spiritual Journey is sharing it with WPUC. To be clear, even though we are working with WPUC this is not a scheme to force amalgamation on our churches. We already share our lives with WPUC through the Tri-Church community and shared services at New Year’s and at Easter. This Spiritual Journey isn’t designed to produce an outcome but instead to open our hearts to the divine in this world. Don’t think amalgamation, think partnering and collaboration.

In fact, this Spiritual Journey is not taken with any endpoint in mind. We are just going to ask the deep questions, and sit with them in reflection and see where God is luring us. At the end of the three-month Spiritual Journey there will be a “Convergence Summit” led by Tracy Murton. At that point, we will decide where the Spirit is moving us.

It is my great hope that you will take part in this Spiritual Journey. There will be opportunities to sign up at Sunday Worship over the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye open for more information!