Our Minister & Staff

Full-Time Minister

Rev. Cindy Bourgeois

I was born in Winnipeg and lived there well into adulthood. I attained a degree in Computer Science and after working several years as a programmer/analyst I started a business that taught computer programming to children. The growth of this business led me to Toronto. However, the prairies have always held a special draw because looking out into the horizon has always brought me peace. As my friends and I used to say, “Big Sky Big Mind!” So, accepting the call to Wesley is in some way accepting a call to come home.

With respect to my faith journey my family drifted away from the church when I was a child and I was not a church goer for many years. A significant life event brought me back to the church and it was transformative. There is something about church community that feeds my soul! Eventually I was forced to change careers and a friend suggested ministry. After much prayer and reflection it just felt right. So I enrolled in Emmanuel College and in due course received my Master of Divinity.

I love preaching and leading worship, but I believe that the role of the minister includes that of a community developer. The minister is there to companion the community as it lives into its vision. Moreover, community does not just mean the community here at Wesley but also the communities of the Hillsdale neighbourhood and Regina. We don’t exist just for those within the walls but for those outside the walls. Creative integration into community is one way we can participate in the co-creation of the kin-dom of God.

My theology can be described as an amalgam of Process Theology and Liberation Theology. I believe in a God who is never coercive but always persuasive. Also, I believe that God really has a preferential option for the poor and the oppressed.

I am deeply honoured to companion the community at Wesley United Church as we grow into what it means to be church in a post-Christendom world.



Music Staff

Choir Director

Sarah Stubbe