Lectionary Readings Nov.2/14-Jan.25/15

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November 2

22nd after Pentecost

2 Kings 5:1—14

Elisha heals Naaman, a foreigner and leper

(Matt 8:2—3, Jesus heals a leper, “I will be clean”)


November 9

23rd after Pentecost

Micah 5:2—4; 6:6—8

God promises a ruler from Bethlehem; desires justice, kindness, walking humbly with God

(Matt 9:13, God wants mercy, not sacrifice)


November 16

24th after Pentecost

Swords into Plowshares

Isaiah 36:1—3, 13—20; 37:1—7; then 2:1—4

Assyria threatens Jerusalem and King Hezekiah despairs. Isaiah says the city will be saved. Promise that Jerusalem will be a center for teaching and nations will beat swords into plowshares.

(Matt 5:14 light of the world, city on a hill)


November 23

Christ the King Sunday

Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon

Jeremiah 1:4—10; 7:1—11

Prophetic call as warning; temple as den of robbers

(Matt 21:12—13, Jesus cleanses the temple, which has become a den of robbers


November 30

1st of Advent

Faith as a Way of Life

Habakkuk 1:1—4; 2:2—4; 3:17—19

The prophet, grieved by injustice/suffering, watches for God’s reply. Faith is a way of life, not an answer.

(Matt 26:36—38; In Gethsemane Jesus is grieved and asks disciples to watch with him)


December 7

2nd of Advent

Esther 4:1—17

For such a time as this, Esther was made queen.

(Matt 5:13—16, Salt and light)

December 14

3rd of Advent

Light to the Nations

Isaiah 42:1—9

Through the Spirit, God’s servant will be a light to the nations, bringing justice and release to prisoners.

(Matt 12:15—21, This passage is used for the ministry of Jesus)


December 21

4th of Advent

Jesus as Immanuel

Matthew 1:18—25

Announcement of Jesus’ birth to Joseph; Jesus will be Immanuel

(Psalm 23:1—4, or 23:4)


December 24

Christmas Eve

Luke 2:1—14, [15—20]

Birth of Jesus

(Psalm 96:10—13)


December 25

Christmas Day

Luke 2:8—20

Shepherds visit the infant Jesus.

(Psalm 95:6—7)


December 28

1st of Christmas

Matthew 2:1—12

The Magi visit the infant Jesus

(Psalm 96:10—13)


January 4

2nd of Christmas

Matthew 2:13—23

Flight into Egypt, massacre of the innocents, the return to Nazareth

(Psalm 11:1—3)


January 11

1st after Epiphany

Jesus’ Baptism

Matthew 3:1—17

John the Baptist, Jesus is baptized to fulfill all righteousness

(Psalm 2:7—8)

January 18

2nd after Epiphany

Matthew 4:1—17

Jesus tempted in the wilderness

(Psalm 91:9—12)


January 25

3rd after Epiphany

Matthew 5:1—20

Beatitudes, salt of the earth, let your light shine

(Psalm 1:1—3)

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